Olio su Olio

The finishing process for any type of wood is very important, not only from the aesthetic point of view. The wood can breathe and contributes to the microclimate of the house giving or taking humidity for a better air. If the wood is covered with an artificial coating, though transparent, loses all its advantages and becomes toxic.

The finish OLIO su OLIO remains irreplaceable for all species, gives the wood a velvety effect, perfumes the home environment and at the same time has antistatic effects.

The oil varnish is the best way to naturally protect the wood surface without altering its characteristics. This way the wood is impregnated even in the internal fibers highlighting all the qualities that only a natural environment may reveal.


Water-Based Varnish, only ecological lacquered

Nowadays, a key problem is pollution from toxic solvents contained in coatings.

Allevi has replaced synthetic solvents with the most natural solvent in nature: WATER. In fact, all his pieces are treated with water-based varnish.



Marble and stone

Today it is important to be able to choose according to our needs and lifestyle, Allevi offers a wide range of products so we can have the most desired armonies and complements.

Worktops, walls and other details, are fundamental in order to put an elegant touch in the kitchen space, natural and creative at the same time.